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June 24, 2010, 7:32 pm
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A roadie is a beer you drink on your way to drinking more beer. I learned about roadies from M, who is my ex. We met on Spring Garden Street last night. He brought us roadies. They were Rolling Rock ponies he’d taken from his boathouse which according to M is constantly stocked with Rolling Rock ponies. We drank them on the way to Silk City, where we got dinner. M loves roadies. He taught me the way of the roadie while we were dating and now I love them too. So much so that I tried to convince my parents we needed to take some for the car ride between our hotel and the Nashville plantation where my cousin got married this past weekend. Mom and Dad were stocked with cans of Yuengling and bottles of Mike’s Hard Limeade. It was such a good idea. I can’t believe they vetoed it. The last time I had roadies before that was with L, who also used to be a Girl Scout. We sat down on a random stoop between bars in Fishtown and shared a can of Sly Fox. If you were to ask me, the beer materialized on its own in a sort of humble miracle, but really L must have bought a six pack at some point. The Girl Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” You can’t really understand the beauty of this kind of longsighted pragmatism until you find yourself grown up and applying it to things like roadies.


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My grandparents were great advocates of the go-cup, which was the styrofoam cup they poured their cocktails into before leaving the house for dinner or a party.

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