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March 25, 2009, 6:05 am
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Photo of Joan Didion and Family in Central Park, 1970 by Dominick Dunne

Photo of Joan Didion and Family in Central Park, 1970 by Dominick Dunne

Now I know what to wear to work.

I recently read The Year of Magical Thinking and the only thing I liked about it was the way Didion named, over and over again, the exact locations where she and her husband ate lunch or dinner, but  the contrast between the subtly mismatched floral prints and the “are you speaking to me?” expression in this photo have redeemed the six or so hours I spent slogging through the book.

I have logged into google at least thirty times this week to look up and inspect pictures of Joan Didion. I can’t help but feel that I would have really liked 1969-1973ish, living near Central Park with a bag held up with chains and a highball every night before dinner. I think that’s why I didn’t like The Year of Magical Thinking. Beneath all of its touchingly dispassionate tragedy, there seemed to be a deeper layer of smug, which had the perhaps desired effect of making me duly jealous.


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I’m just a lurker with a nonspecific comment, but I really enjoy your writing.

Comment by Dain

Wahh, what a journey I just took in finding this incredible and totally engaging blog from you!

I was looking up the translation of the French word oppopanax while trying to find this delicious small bottle of pamplemousse/grapefruit (purportedly makes women ‘smell’ 10lbs lighter? huh?) and wound up here, to my utter joy. I’ve been clicking through many of your lovely thoughts and really entertaining musings on – you’re like REALLY into perfume huh!? I love it!

I wondered, because I couldn’t find a way to email you (sorry everybody else reading this) if I could just add you as a favorite to my blog and perhaps a link back.

I’m overdue for a rant on my end, and I’d like to use your words here as the pro. Eg, sexually promiscuous mavericks in ‘soiled doves.’

Cheers to you, and thanks for this!

Comment by Chesney

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