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The Inevitable Pathos of Objects
January 14, 2009, 8:02 pm
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Happier Days

The sunglasses were special from the beginning. Lying beneath the cracked glass of a thrift store counter, there were two pairs of them: mottled tortoiseshell plastic old-guy reading glasses, “aviator” being far too cool of a term for their homely 1970s utility. I bought both pairs, one greenish, one brownish, and took them to a lens crafter to turn them into sunglasses. The greenish pair broke promptly. The brownish pair, the ones I’ve been wearing all year, broke yesterday.

I was shocked at how sad this made me feel. I am usually able to keep a healthy perspective as to the value of the stuff I own until it starts breaking on me, but then it all comes crashing down in a junkyard landslide of loss: every roll of toilet paper I’ve used up, every blown light bulb, every smear I’ve inflicted on a pedicure before I’ve even left the nail shop, every worn down pair of high heels. At times like this it is difficult to not see myself as a sum total of all the bright shiny hopeful things I have ruined and I begin to wonder what it would be like to live feral in the woods, owning nothing at all.

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stolen carvel….

Comment by KMK

Feral girls FTW.

Comment by Young Pretender

You’ve got it all wrong. These things were all temporary. Their future was always to wear away, or fade, or crack. You gave them a reason for being.

Comment by Peter 3.3

wow. found your blog through non-blonde. reading your blog backward… this post was the defining moment. i feel awkward trying to write a comment- like a crush or something- but finding it has made my day.

Comment by dea

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