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Creed’s Green Irish Tweed
January 3, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Great Pretender wrote: Creed Green Irish Tweed. Is it green or is it purple?

I say: Okay, Great Pretender, I took a sniff, and my first impression is that if this scent is indeed purple, it is the kind of deep, almost black purple you might find inside a dark closet. Green Irish Tweed smells grassy and sweetly floral, but with that unmistakable aftershave tingle that shouts, “what’s wrong with a plain old barber?” It might be shouting a bit too loudly, with a note of hysteria that edges it into shriek territory, but no, no purple here. NO PURPLE HERE!!!

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this, but a frat house and a gay bar smell pretty much the same, something I would attribute to the dearth of cologne choices for men in general. A lot of men’s cologne overdoes it on either the spike-up-your-nose aquatic notes or the  overtly hairy-chested leathery stuff, and Green Irish Tweed walks a fine line between smelling pretty and smelling like a guy. However, even if it were just purely pretty, there would  be no need to have a sexual identity crisis over it. Flowers are good, and men have been getting the short end of the personal scent stick ever since the ball-breaking feminazis took over the world and gave everything with any value to their dun-colored, underplumaged sisters. I say, take back that power and wear White Diamonds!


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I’m glad I’ve found this blog. I’m such a scent nerd that I even went into despair when they discontinued my favourite fabric conditioner because nothing else smelt the same!! I used to wear Estee Lauder’s ‘Body Power’ all the time & then they went and discontinued that!! I was wondering if you could suggest something similiar or even better where I could buy it again.

Comment by Just Me

Young Pretender, like the prince 🙂

Anyway, spot on, PURPLE! Yet pretending to be green, perhaps (in name) it intended to be a dull, muted, military camo green for you see…

It was originally created for actor Cary Grant, but I think there is a far more whimsical and vital Gene Kelly energy to it. The scout master with a spring in his step.

Defending the old order of talc and talk babershops? I agree, to some extent. However, the man wearing Irish Tweed breeeeezes into the barber shop, expertly tosses his fedora onto the hat rack, jumps in the barber’s chair with a smiling “whaddya know joe?” cracks open the Daily Gazette and calms the nerves of Checker Charlie, Checker Al and Pastor McConnel with a random sports score.

When he leaves, eyebrows are raised, but nothing is said. He’s a great guy, man about town, has a happy and well satisfied wife and a reputation for getting things done.

“Somethin’ strange though, he ain’t like us… oh well.”

btw, I didn’t know there was a difference between a frat house and a gay bar.

Comment by Young Pretender

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