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The Patchouli Club
December 17, 2008, 11:58 pm
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Patti Smith and John Mapplethorpe,

Patti Smith and John Mapplethorpe

So, ever since I wrote this post on Jovan Fresh Patchouli, it has generated far and away the most traffic of anything else on this site, with the occasional exception of this one. It is searched for and viewed many times a day. I have no idea why. My only clue comes from my own comment section, courtesy of one Chan from Toronto:

YES. YES. DITTO! i cant beleive tht someone is able to put WORDS 2th way ths stuff-is!? idunno…and its th 1st time since th 1960s-70s tht i had tht, ‘i’m friends w/tht chick cuz we both luv levijeans’ feeling tht kids get when they really wanna be a part of th club. pre-sex,-drugs,etc. its th patchouli club!!! and every single girl i’ve ever met who wears ths stuff [or wild musk by coty] is th kinda girl tht guys can laugh with but wanna make out with 2 yet other girls dig her! lol thnx 4 th trip! i’ll fav ths and pull it out when i need a high. cheers! ps~btw, i cant find it anywhere anymore! been looking for 3 weeks now. i just took 7 empty bottles, broke off th tops and put it into a weee bottle. i’m in toronto canada. do u have any idea where i can obtain it? [a case?] teeheehee..kinda like a dry spell o’magic mushrooms,eh?!!! LMAO

Well, Chan, I wish I could relate more. As it stands, I am a very infrequent visitor to the Patchouli Club’s fragrant compound. But I was really taken with the idea that the Patchouli Club was some sort of teenybopper precursor to actual sex, drugs, and et cetera. Like if marijuana is a gateway drug, Jovan’s Fresh Patchouli is the gateway to the gateway drug. That sounded absolutely spot-on to me, believing as I do that perfume is an indicator of identity as well as remembering firsthand all the Patchouli Club kids from my own adolescence. On top of that, Jovan Fresh Patchouli is sort of a training-wheels version of patchouli scents in general. It’s nowhere near as raunchy as the hard shit straight out of an essential oil vial. No one’s going to tell you that you smell like an armpit or a heavy session if you wear this. Instead, it uses patchouli to add an appropriate wet, funky note to a grassy meadow, or perhaps even a plain old All-American baseball field. This is exactly what perfume you’d wear if you were screwing up your courage to try a cigarette in the girl’s bathroom someday. I feel you, Chan. Wait, you’re not this Chan, are you?

Im just going to pretend anyway.

I'm just going to pretend that you are anyway. It fits.

When I first started messing around with Fresh Patchouli, my friend Heather said that it reminded her of strawberry incense. I was like, you’re crazy, it smells nothing like that. But after she said it, I began to smell what she was talking about in there. This faint, sweet, burnt-fruity note that I suspect is not actually strawberry, but a happy, impressionistic accident. Now the strawberry incense is the whole reason I like the perfume. In fact, I almost wish someone would take that idea and run with it. In my mind’s nose, the perfect Fresh Patchouli variation would smell similar to Bond No. 9’s Chinatown but with strawberry instead of peach. Punk sticks, patchouli, sandalwood soap, hay, that teenage bedroom-rot smell, and just a little bit of that sickly strawberry head shop oil. Fucking yum. Make this for me, someone. Me and all of these Jovan Fresh Patchouli Clubbers that blow my site up daily.

But back to my Patchouli Clubbers, I don’t know what else to tell you about this perfume. I wrote this post to help scratch your seemingly insatiable itch a little further, but the fact of the matter is that this stuff has become very rare. I found mine at a CVS, but it’s not in the other CVSes. This is about all that comes up from an internet search other than my review and a bunch of E-Bay shysters trying to sell this stuff for way too much money:

100 Perfumes Forum Discussion

Perfume of Life Forum Discussion

I know it’s not much to go on, especially when you have a monkey on your back. But I’m trying to be an advocate for y’all here, and who knows, maybe someone is listening.


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dear you,
1st off i DO wear Patchouli,straight out of the esen. oil vial…
i do
2nd off Bond’s Chinatown is my abfab parfume ! Its like the not dirty hippy Patchouli.
3rd off, I’ll be home in 6 days, I’ll be sure to get you off your fanny for an adventure

Comment by krystina kennedy

I have been a fresh patchouli fan for years…YEARS! And now…it is gone! And it freakin’ ticks me off! I don’t want to smell like britney spears, paris hilton, or beyonce! I want my patchouli! The longer it stayed on, the better it smelled! Everyone asked me what it was cuz I smelled so good!
I am a (omg) 48 yr old who burns incense, but only the good stuff and I drive 2 hours to get it! It smells like patchouli, not smoke! People come in my house, and say mmm it smells so good in here…what kind of candle are you burning?? ha ha! I don’t use incense b/c I “burn” anything else! It’s aromatherapy incense, and I love it!
BRING BACK MY FRESH PATCHOULI…COTY! I have nothing to wear…’cept deodorant! B/c Brittany I ain’t!!

Comment by connie

I can’t imagine it is actually discontinued, since it is stocked on the shelves of my local HEB grocery store here in Austin, TX for $11.50. The grocery’s main office is in San Antonio.

Comment by ESK

Something was in the air on Christmas Eve. Not, not the freshly burned slice and bake cookies my wife was making, not the little “ornaments” my dog was busy making in the backyard, something hauntingly familiar….PATCHOULLI…I looked all around.

Under the couch, under the bed, under my wife…then I realized it was coming from my stocking. I pulled out a bar of Made from Earth’s “Patchouli Herb” soap. Nice. Clean. Not overpowering. Amazing. For patchouli lovers everywhere!

The first time I used it my bathroom house filled with the smell of Patchouli. I did enjoy how it made my skin softer and glad it is not as strong now but it has a totally diffrent smell after using for a few weeks. Highly recommended from Made from Earth.

Comment by M Granger

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