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Winning at Life. Me. Right here. I am.
November 24, 2008, 4:13 am
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Eaten By Winners

Swedish Fish: Food of Winners

Happy 28th Birthday to me!

So, I go out last night. First I demanded that Jamie take me to IHOP for dinner. Then we went to the Friendly Lounge for drinks, and met up with some other friends. I played “The  Safety Dance” on the jukebox because I could.  There was another party that involved boys duct-taping their cans of beer together until they formed Wizard Staffs and drinking out of them. I somehow managed to get naked before falling asleep.

I got home at maybe 3 PM today. It wasn’t until around 7 that  I remembered that I’d made myself a huge bowl of pasta and put it in the fridge yesterday so that it would be waiting there for me today in my time of hungover need. A bowl of pasta, a Coke, and a deli box of Swedish Fish, like I was my own mom except hahaha, SODA AND CANDY.

I’m a literalist. The concept of self love has always confused me because it seems to lack a practical course of action. Somewhere between yesterday and today, though, I think I finally got it.


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“Me. Right here. I am.” 🙂

Comment by ljkc

I love it. Yeah, it dawned on me once that I could so nice stuff for me — make myself a wonderful dinner and desert and give myself a bath and put myself to bed in clean sheets just like Dream Boyfriend/Fantasy Best Friend would, except I could do it whenever I wanted. Sweet!

Comment by Grace

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