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Arte Y Pico Blogging Award
July 27, 2008, 5:57 pm
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No one seems to really know what this is or where it came from, but the Arte Y Pico Blogging Award was recently passed on to me by none other than Grace Undressed, one of my favorite blogs of all times ever. Which was super flattering, and put a smile on my face that lasted for a good 24 hours. If that is the point of the Arte Y Pico Award, it is point enough. I’d be like the cyberspace grinch if I didn’t jump on the opportunity to recognize a few of my fellow blog brethren and pass it along. So, in no particular order, here are some exemplary blogs written by a few extraordinary folks that I think everyone should have bookmarked:

Memory and Desire

I have long admired Heather’s ability to fearlessly nail the emotional links between perfume and poetry, two seemingly ephemeral subjects, while also proving herself a stickler for perfect academic grammar and formatting. It’s not often you find conscientious gravitas and sensual reeling sharing the same bed, but over at her place, they get along famously. This is The New Yorker of perfume blogs, a place where the themes are fully realized, the subject matter is as specialized as it feels like being, the ellipses are banished to hell where they belong, and by the end of a post, the reader is left feeling fully sated, as though they’d learned something presented in whole by an author unafraid to offer it that way.

The Daily Miltonian

The Daily Miltonian is the website for Fort St. David’s Press, an independent publishing company interested in comic books, music, scenery, hanging out, television, poetry, the early nineties, and cats. It’s also where my old friend, colleague, and cohort Erik Bader unloads his ineffable Baderness onto the internet. Alex Zahradnik did the design, and I’m super jealous of how slick and real it looks. Just read it; you’ll like it.


I’ve never met Maggie, the mistress of my favorite Philadelphia street style site, but her dogged optimism that Philadelphians, too, can be fashionable is fresh and endearing in a city full of people who’d sooner give you the finger than directions to the Ben Franklin Bridge and sooner go out in the exact same thing all of their jerk friends are wearing than take a few risks. The premise is simple: she takes pictures of diverse local cutie pies of all ages, races, and genders, has a brief conversation with them, transcribes it, and throws it up under their pictures. The effect of this is that you feel like you’re talking to them. It is her interjected commentary, though, that makes you step back and recognize how smart and sneaky these mini-portraits really are. Case in point: “Her comments on girls not wearing skirts here may seem trivial, or you may think that girls here do wear skirts, but she does have a point. Have you seen many girls in Philly walking around in skirts looking really cute lately? Like on a demure tip? With nice tights and a nice overcoat and whatnot, where you just wanna take her out to lunch somewhere nice and get coffee after?”

Maggie, you make me want to try harder.

The Stripper Hates You

This blog almost creeps me out with the way it puts me right back into the strip club every time I visit it. There’s something about Josephine’s rough-around-the-edges, tell-it-like-it-is bravado that is, to me, pure stripper, straight out of the dressing room. It’s like she’s standing next to you at the mirror, you’re handing her a lipstick, you’re both a little drunk, there aren’t any dudes around, the money sucks, and this girl is just letting it all out: how pissed she is at her last customer, how she should really find another job, this crazy other bar she worked in once just to do it, how she needs another beer… all of it. Reading this is like being able to secretly tap back into those shaky but sweet dressing room bonds strippers form with other strippers out of basic camaraderie and mutual frustration. It makes me realize that I can’t believe how much I miss that sometimes.


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Your blog is a treat, and the fact that it represents only 10% of your awesomeness is even cooler.

Comment by Susan

Thank you for bestowing me with this mysterious award.

If I may make a request, I’d love to see a review of the Body Fantasies body spray and lotion line. Sure, they’re not fancy, but they’re most certainly a staple for many strippers. I’ve been wearing cotton candy and vanilla religiously since I was a wee little stripper.

Comment by Josephine

Wow. Wow wowow. I just read this for the first time – I had no idea – I’ve been away from all the blogs and all the newsgroups and all the perfume forums for a few months now, recuperating from what must have been a slowly accumulated fragrance overdose. To see Memory and Desire listed here is – it’s beyond me to describe. I’m just stuttering with delight and gratitude.


Comment by Heather

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