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Try Harder: A How-To Not
May 13, 2008, 10:27 pm
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I figured out how to go through life gracefully without changing out of my yoga pants, ever. Today I did this thing where I found an old sock and cut the toes out of it, then rolled it up into a doughnut shape resembling one of these:

My hair went into a high ponytail and I pulled it through my sock doughnut as though it were a scrunchy. Then I arranged the ponytail hair around the doughnut so it looked like a big, fat bun–the kind you’d get if you actually had a lot of hair, which I don’t. Then I secured it with a regular ponytail holder at the base and pinned the hair that wasn’t in the bun around the base.

I put some makeup on. I neglected to change out of my yoga pants. If you get the bun right, you look like an off-duty ballerina instead of some scrubby slob who prefers comfort over fashion. Ballerinas work hard, you know. They’ve earned the right to run around in sweats. By virtue of the ballerina sock bun, now I have too.


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