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Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil
July 14, 2007, 8:55 pm
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When I first noticed that my local Anthropologie had begun selling Dr. Hauschka products three or four months ago, I raised an eyebrow in mild surprise. It’s not that Dr. Hauschka’s super-organic, ethically-harvested, handcrafted ethos doesn’t jibe with Anthropologie’s constant appropriation of that sort of thing–it’s more that buying skincare products meant to be part of a rhythmic, consistent lifestyle at a clothing boutique just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing people would go for in the long run. I was first turned on to the Dr. Hauschka routine by my facialist at Philadelphia’s Eviama Life Spa, and spent the next eight or nine months in what seemed like a constant state of soaking, steaming, press-and-rolling, and massaging my face. The products all smell amazing and work as well if not a little better than anything else, but in the end, I couldn’t keep up the time commitment. Selling this stuff at the instant-gratification mecca that is Anthropologie just seemed a little weird to me.

Sure enough, when I took a brief cruise through Anthropologie’s sale floor yesterday, I found a whole bunch of Dr. Hauschka on the cheap. Although I no longer use their facial products, I couldn’t resist picking up the little silver tin full of sample-sized bath and body products when I realized that it was priced at $7.95, marked down from its original $19.95.

The star of the Body Care Kit was far and away the Rose Body Oil, a peanut-oil based lubricant containing precious attar of rose and rose petal extract harvested from Dr. Hauschka’s own German rose fields (or whatever). This stuff usually retails at a prohibitive (at least for me and all other sane non-rich kids) $35.95 for 3.4oz. For this reason, I will never own a full bottle, even though Dr. Hauschka’s website raves about its aromatherapeutic “antidepressant, tonifying, spasmolytic, laxative, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic” benefits as well as its ability to “encourage resilience in times of stress.”

I don’t know that it does all that, but it does smell really, really pretty. I’m not a lover of rose fragrances, usually finding them either too overripe or too musty, but this one smells just about perfect, like the wild roses that used to grow in my childhood backyard (and front yard, and along the side of the road, and in the woods). It’s fresh without being cloying, warm without being overwhelming, and sweet without reminding me of a grandmother’s Crabtree and Evelyn talcum powder. And so realistically rosy you can almost hear the honeybees buzz. Slathering it on after my post-yoga shower this morning, I basked in this lovely fragrance for the full half an hour it took for my skin to absorb it. Since I’m working with sample sizes, I have roughly enough in my little .34oz vial to do this exactly one more time before I say goodbye and never look back.

I’m a little wistful about this, though, because after using Rose Oil, my skin is now the rarified texture of something that would be scratched by anything but the finest, softest cotton. While this does me no good in my current day-to-day existence, if I ever wake up in one of those lolling-around-on-thousand-thread-count-sheet situations, I’ll definitely reconsider.


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