Boomtown Boudoir

Theorema by Fendi
May 15, 2007, 6:12 pm
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A scent fit for one of Boccacio’s naughty heroines in The Decameron, Fendi’s Theorema conjures up deliciously rustic refreshments such as eggnog and honey mead as well as the spiced-orange pomanders hung in doorways to ward off the plague. The opening fizzes with orange, tangelo, and a smidge of sprightly jasmine that soon knocks over an entire kitchen spice rack in its rum-sodden ebullience. A soothing vanillic swirl of sweet cream, amber, and dry woods rounds out the base, conjuring up the woozy excitement of sitting in front of a fireplace in the country while a bunch of boys tell you dirty stories. Plague? What plague?

Neither coy nor brazen, Theorema is a scent of unchecked laughter, generous quantities of alcohol, good company, and feeling warm and safe while the rest of the world, with all of its complex dangers, blusters around outside without you. Theorema can hardly be faulted for the fact that its lasting power is roughly equal to the duration such a cozy feeling is possible. Oh, well. If re-spraying constantly is all it takes to keep the plague of life at bay, I will gladly carry the entire 3.4oz bottle of the EdP around in my purse.


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